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Big Brand Enjoyment Vintage Design

  • 100 Genuine Leather High Quality Hardware Sturdy Stitching;
  • Safe snap and zipper closure;
  • Sunflower button and zipper metal every piece of metal shines vintage sheen;
  • Wechoose high quality metal zippers and wrist strap fordurability Silver-tone hardware has high resistance to rust,corrosionand tarnishing which will be shiny as a new one even years later.
  • Removable Wristlet strap: it allows you to easily carry it in hand-wrist or put it in bag;
  • On the surface of wallet you can see the detailed contrast stitching and even the cutting edges no loose threads left;
  • We have confidence can give you a good shopping experience and big brand enjoyment.

FALAN MULE Wallets for women

Customer Questions Answers :

Q: How do I know if my wallet has RFID Protection Technology

A: An easy way to test if a wallet has RFID ProtectionTechnology. Search for Credit Card Reader NFC (EMV) on Google Play anddownload(APP is Free Installs 1,000,000+). When the credit card isplaced in the FALAN MULE wallet's card slot you will find that thecredit card cannot be read. So you can be sure that your credit card issecure in the FALAN MULE wallet.

Q: Why the wallet has an unpleasant smell

A: It doesn t mean it is not Genuine Leather if you smellslike plastic.The unpleasant smell comes from the accessories andmaterials used in packaging. When you expose it in a well-ventilatedenvironment the smell will go away with time.

Q: The zipper will split open or stuck

A: The best way to avoid a stuck zipper is to keep thezipper clean and lubricated. Open the zipper and apply the white candleor lip balm sparingly only to the teeth of the zipper. Carefully openand close the zipper to thoroughly distribute Lubricant.

Q: It is very hard to close when all card slots have been used

A: It is a wallet with multiple separate card slots.It sadvisable to put only one card in each card slots and you will have noproblem with it closing.Some of the credit card slots are a bit tightthough. it will soften with time.

Q: Why the color of the received wallet is different from the picture

A: We are working hard to realize what you see is what youbought . But pls kindly allow a little bit color difference. The realcolor of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown onwebsite caused by many factors such as monitor settings and lightbrightness.

FALAN MULE Womens Wallet

Warm Tips:

  1. Theactual color of the item maybe a little difference from the pictureshowing due to the different monitor settings or reflecting light whenshooting.
  2. Please allow 1-2 cm different of measuring due to different measurement methods.
  3. Please allow a little smell of leather/textile fabrics from the new product,it will disappear in a few days.

FALAN MULE Wallet Women

How to Cleaning your Leather Wallet

  1. DO NOT use a blow dryer or expose your wallet to extreme heat since that will cause the leather to become wrinkled.
  2. Dirt/Dust: Itis recommended that you clean it with a damp cloth as soon as younotice some dirt or stains. If the dirt or stain has already set in usea good leather cleaner to remove it.
  3. Moisture/Water: Gentlywipe the surface clean with a dry clean cloth and allow it to dry atroom temperature. Keep your wallet closed don't leave it open or itwill not lay flat anymore when folded.
  4. Not Enough Moisture: Gently apply a leather cream or leather moisturizer to your wallet.

RFID Protection Technology

  • Why should you use an RFID Protection wallet
  • Yourpersonal information on cards with RFID chips are vulnerable to theftby pickpockets using RFID scanners unless you have the special liningsprovided by all FALAN MULE RFID blocking leather wallets.
  • What is RFID
  • RFIDstands for Radio-Frequency Identification. Chip-based technology isused by many industries in many roles and is often used in credit cardsor passports to store personal information.
  • What is RFID Theft
  • RFIDtheft (often referred to as skimming) is when someone uses a scanner toread and duplicate the personal information from your RFID enabled gearwithout your knowledge.

Functional Design Perfect size: 7.5"L x 3.5"W x 1"H(19 x 9x 2.5 cm).13 card slots 3 zipper pockets

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