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PLANT BASED LEATHER - "Leaf Leather" is an animal friendly leather alternative that is strong and textured like traditional leather. Our wallets and accessories are made from real banana leaves.
UNIQUE - Cool natural designs made from real leaves. Each wallet looks like a unique piece of art. The beautiful variances of nature with exotic patterns of leaf veins ensures no two wallets will ever look the same. Leaf leather accessories make for truly unique gifts.
DURABLE - Designed to last for ages. Banana leaves are coated with a thin strong outer laminated seal to make it durable and water resistant. The leaf layer is then mended with fabric for a soft interior backing and structure. Leaf Leather is guaranteed to last for years to come.
HANDMADE AND ETHICAL - We're all about compassion and recognized a lack of plant based leather alternatives. The banana leaves in your new wallet are grown and harvested in Thailand. We work closely with Thai artisans that share our common goal of creating consciously.
ECO-FRIENDLY - Most of the wallet is made from Earth materials then sealed with a thin translucent outer layer made from a BOPP film that protects it while maintaining the texture and feel of the leaves. This style provides waterproofing durability and longevity.

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