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The Healthy Back Bag(R) was developed with the help of a doctor and a chiropractor to determine just how the ergonomics of the bag could best reflect the requirements of the spine. The bag's ergonomic trademarked teardrop shape and the organization of the internal pockets make the weight feel lighter by redistributing the bag's center of gravity all while relieving stress on the neck shoulders and back. Different sizes cater to different body types and the intelligent pocket configuration spreads weight around the bag and helps to organize your life.

Zipper closure
SIZE: The most popular size for everyday use. Holds all daily essentials and then some. Replaces a medium to large handbag. 17 x 9 x 6 inches
COMFORTABLE: A Healthy Back Bag is the perfect combination of fashion and function making style effortless. Can be worn cross-body for full back health benefits or over the shoulder to grab and be on your way!
ERGONOMIC: Designed to mold to the shape of your spine minimizing the strain on your back neck and shoulders. The body-hugging contours and adjustable wearing eliminate twisting or straining your posture. The more places a bag touches your body as you wear it the lighter it feels...and that s the secret!
SECURE: With the main zip always against your back your stuff is safe and accessible without taking your bag off. Having the double zippers meet in the middle make accessing your belongings a breeze. Simply swing the bag around to the front of your body while wearing it across the back when finished close zippers and then swing it back around!

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